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A Family Album
The St. Louis Jesuits reunite after 20 years to make some beautiful music.
In a New Light
The restoration of the Jesuits' Church of the Gesù in Rome.
The Raising of Lazarus
Professionals' verdict is a delightful surprise for a Jesuit retreat center with a valuable painting.
Jesuit Artists
Art by Contemporary Jesuits.
Quick on the Draw
André Bouler was a Jesuit and an artist: both vocations permeated his being.
"Consule Jones"
A newfound poem by Jesuit Gerard Manley Hopkins.
In God's Name: Jesuit Art & Architecture in South America
Examples of Jesuit art and architecture in South America.
Two Artists
A Slovenian Jesuit and a Russian Orthodox artist from Rome's Centro Aletti host an art exhibit called "Dialogue."
Christ in the Desert
A Jesuit in Australia describes art that combines Aboriginal and Christian elements.
Bill Cain, SJ, turned Nightjohn, a novella about slaves learning to read, into a movie script.
In Harmony
Director of Gonzaga University's chorale talks about the relationship between music and liberal arts.
A Plank and a Passion
Teatro la fragua is a theatre group in Honduras that gives impoverished people a voice.
A discussion of Jesuit and Jesuit-influenced musicians.
Open Call
Short profiles of Jesuits in the performing arts.
A Jesuit links theater and theology as creative, spiritual acts.
Dreaming with Others
A Jesuit discusses his role as producer of a film about Dorothy Day.
Opening Night
A Creighton theater professor discusses St. Omers College, a 17th-century Jesuit school that included drama in its curriculum.
Unto the Indies
How Jesuits influenced the religious art of 16th-century Indian Muslims.
An art teacher at Jesuit High in Dallas helps her students make the connection between the creative and the concrete.
No Two Alike
Retreat director links art with Ignatian spirituality and has helped adorn Manresa Retreat House with art.
With C.J. for Guide
Fr. C.J. McNaspy, SJ, encouraged many young Jesuit artists.
Grandeur of God
How the Jesuit tradition of art has inspired the creation of USF's fine arts program.
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