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Spiritual Direction
For Fr. Patrick Howell, SJ, spiritual direction is a matter of trust.
Reflections on the Role of the Provincial
Chicago Province Provnicial, Fr. Edward Schmidt, SJ, has discovered some things since leaving the staff of Company.
Two Decades of Service to Company
Fr. Edward Schmidt, SJ, reflects on two decades of service to Company as he leaves the magazine to become Chicago's Provincial.
The Experience of the Spiritual Exercises in Daily Life
Pamela Ethington, who works in the office of communications at Le Moyne College, shares her experiences of the Spiritual Exercises in everyday life.
Reflections on a Fellow Jesuit
Fr. Tennant Wright, SJ, remembers his fishing buddy and friend Fr. Philip Oliger, SJ (1904 - 1986).
A Path to God
A student's journey leads him through college and a retreat house to God.
Finding Scandal & Solace in the Bible
In a homily that spoke to the sex scandals in the Church, Fr. Eric Zuckerman, SJ, finds words of shame but also of solace and hope and healing in the Bible.
Love for the Society
Fr. Eduardo Fernandez, a Mexican-American Jesuit, lists reasons for his love of the Society.
September 11, 2001
A homily of Fr. Walter Modrys, SJ, pastor of a New York parish hit hard by the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.
Jesuit Conversations
Excerpts of a talk by Fr. John Padberg, SJ, titled "The Conversations and Questions of Jesuits."
Justice in Higher Education
Father General Peter-Hans Kolvenbach speaks on justice in higher education.
Holiness in Fundraising?
Is there holiness in fundraising? The development director at Weston says "yes."
The Hispanic Presence in the Church
The Society's response to the growing Hispanic presence in the Church and how it is changing the face of things in the United States.
"Ex Corde Ecclesiae's" Challenge to the Catholic University
A Jesuit educator discusses the issues of the Vatican document on Catholic higher education.
Catholic Social Teaching
A Jesuit shares the "secrets" of Catholic social teaching.
Partnership with the Laity and Evangelization of Culture
Fr. James Loughran, SJ, talks about the call to Jesuits to be in partnership with the laity and to evangelize culture through learned ministry.
Finding God: How Ignatius Began
Ignatius's method for letting God shine through life's realities.
The Gospel's Reality
Fr. Peter-Hans Kolvenbach reflects on the murders of the Jesuits and two women in El Salvador in 1989.
From Madness to Hope
The continuing legacy of the El Salvador martyrs.
The Ethics of Business
Ignatius and the Jesuit tradition urge us to build bridges between the sacred and the secular, between the Gospels and business.
In Search of Common Ground
Fr. Brian Daley, SJ, discusses Cardinal Bernardin's Common Ground Initiative, meant to bring liberal and conservative Catholics together.
On Acting and the Spiritual Exercises
Fr. Paul McCarren, SJ, a Jesuit and an actor, relates drama and the Spiritual Exercises.
A Historian's View of North America
A Jesuit discusses the common history of all North Americans, whether from the US, Mexico, or Canada.
A Jesuit's Musings at an Exhibition
Good art should not only be in museums but in churches, to inspire prayer and devotion.
On the Society's 34th General Congregation
Four writers contribute their thoughts on the importance of General Congregation 34's documents.
My Jesuit Brother
Marija Stankus-Saulaitis shares the blessings of having a Jesuit brother.
"Behold the Kingdom"
A Jesuit's view on the Ignatian virtue of reverence.
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