High School Stories

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"Salvete discipuli!"
The study of Latin is going strong at this Jesuit high school.
The Best of Both Worlds
How can a high school go coed and still keep single-sex education? Regis Jesuit High in the Denver area found a way.
The World's A Stage
Jesuit high school theatre programs are offering Grease, Death of a Salesman, and so much more nowadays.
Alums who come back to teach at their Jesuit alma maters.
In the Long Run
Trip Norkus returns to his alma mater, Strake Jesuit in Houston, to teach, as part of the school's Alumni Service Corps.
Phase II: A Good Idea Takes Wing
An update on Cristo Rey Jesuit High and the foundation that has helped start other schools across the country modeled after Cristo Rey.
Great Expectations
More than 450 Jesuit high school educators met this past summer in Los Angeles to chart an Ignatian course for the next 20 years.
The Game's the Thing
The sports world at Jesuit schools.
Putting It on the Line
A thousand Jesuit-related people protest the School of the Americas.
Real People
Fordham Prep students serve others through the Appalachia Service Program.
The Business of Education
Chicago's Cristo Rey Jesuit High School, where students work to help with tuition costs.
On West Sixteenth
From Brooklyn, Queens, Jersey, and Mahhattan, generations of students have traveled to Xavier High in New York.
At the Center of the World
Members of the San Gabriel High School community in Quito, Ecuador, explain that academics and service are what characterizes the school.
A Jesuit school for boys in Cairo serves kids of all faiths.
Under Fire
Gonzaga Jesuit High in Newfoundland fights to maintain its Catholic character.
A Way of Giving Thanks
St John's High students start Colonia de San Juan, a housing construction project in Guatemala City.
An art teacher at Jesuit High in Dallas helps her students make the connection between the creative and the concrete.
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