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Embroidery in Stone
Chisel and mallet blended Jesuit and indigenous Peruvian architechtural styles and created a unique synthesis.
Unto the Indies
How Jesuits influenced the religious art of 16th-century Indian Muslims.
A discussion of Jesuit and Jesuit-influenced musicians, including Domenico Zipoli, Giacomo Carissimi, and Marc-Antoine Charpentier.
"Consule Jones"
A newfound poem by Jesuit Gerard Manley Hopkins.
A Return to San Ignacio
The history of the Jesuits and the indigenous peoples in Moxos, Bolivia, an area which was part of the network of Jesuit reductions.
In God's Name
Jesuit art and architecture in South America.
Missions in a Musical Key
The Jesuit reductions of Chiquitos, Bolivia.
Saint Making
Engravings from Gonzaga University's copy of Rubens-Barbe Life of Ignatius Loyola.
On the Trail of Jesuit Mission Art
A journey through South America and Asia in search of Jesuit mission art.
Lasting Impressions
Jesuit artistic treasure uncovered: sixteenth century copperplates are found in a cardboard box at a Jesuit Residence in Amsterdam.
A Saint and His Image
On the 450th anniversary of his death, a look at images of Francis Xavier that drew upon fact and legend and added to his fame.
Opening Night
A Creighton theater professor discusses St. Omers College, a 17th-century Jesuit school that included drama in its curriculum.
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