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Experiencing Magis
The Ignatian presence at World Youth Day 2005 in Cologne, Germany.
Educating the World
You'll find Jesuit schools—from kindergartens to theologates—in Australia, Ecuador, Nigeria, Lithuania, and many other countries..
The Language of the Heart
Central American Ministries has been making a difference in Guatemala since 1995.
The Society response to the 2004 tsunami.
Shanghai Journal
An old Jesuit cathedral in China received new stained glass windows.
Connecting the Dots
An ambitious crew, Jesuits and others, spent a summer teaching English in Vietnam and Thailand.
A Voice in the Wilderness
An Italian Jesuit transforms an ancient monastery in the Syrian desert into a space for Christian-Islamic dialogue.
Searching for Books in a Country of Guns
The Jesuit Refugee Service in Liberia is helping kids get an education by providing notebooks and supplies, rebuilding schools, and more.
The Faces of AIDS in Africa
The African Jesuit AIDS Network unites the international cast of Jesuits in AIDS ministries across Africa.
Voyage of Discovery
The Wisconsin Province Jesuits form a twinning agreement with Jesuits in Kohima, India.
Friends in the Lord
The Ignatian Youth Pilgrimage, ANIA (Friends in the Lord), in Canada, preceding World Youth Day in Toronto.
For the Love of a People
Mexican Jesuit Fr. Luis Verplancken builds schools, digs wells, runs a clinic, restores churches, all in the service of Mexico's Tarahumara Indians.
In Memoriam
A Jesuit graveyard in Beijing marks a centuries-old cultural exchange.
In the Heart of the City
A community of believers in a historic Roman locale.
These Were Villages Once
Jesuit Refugee Service aids homeless, internally displaced victims of Sir Lanka's internal battles.
In the Heart of the City
A community of believers in a historic Roman locale.
In a New Light
The restoration of the Jesuits' Church of the Gesù in Rome.
Ten Days in Africa
The Society's work on the continent spans countries and generations.
The Cycle
A Jesuit's work reverses the misery caused by India's monsoons and droughts.
A Xavier University photographer's experience of Nepal.
"I Pretty Much Never Wanted to Go to Africa"
A Jesuit's spiritual journey in Kenya.
They Want to Dream
Romanian street kids find a Jesuit's home.
"Leave No Witnesses"
On the murders in El Salvador, the trial, and the hope for justice.
Ordinary People Made Extraordinary
The Jesuit martyrs in El Salvador.
Everybody's Challenge
The Jesuit Refugee Service Worldwide.
One Floor Below
The Jesuit Refugee Service in Rome.
House of the Dove
The Jesuit Refugee Service in Cambodia.
The Jesuit Refugee Service in the Balkans.
Listen Closely
A lay administrator at a parish in Jamaica.
Midnight Sun
A Jesuit's scientific and spiritual discoveries in Antarctica.
Remembering Christmas in Belize
A Jesuit Volunteer recalls her Christmas in Belize.
Gandhi Ashram
A Jesuit's school in India where students learn violin and academics in equal measure.
Making a Difference
Fairfield University professors introduce solar cookers to Haiti as a means to cut back on using trees for fuel.
Where the Asphalt Ends
Fe y Alegria's teachers discuss how the schools have helped improve the situation in Peru's poorest neighborhoods.
For Justice's Sake
The Jesuits help displaced persons in Colombia.
New Charter
The Jesuits' Universidad Alberto Hurtado opens in Chile.
At the Center of the World
Members of the San Gabriel High School community in Quito, Ecuador, explain that academics and service are what characterizes the school.
A theologate in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, is a microcosm of the country's diverse cultural landscape.
Sacred Place
San Javier del Valle, a Venezuelan retreat house, was built in memory of the 27 Jesuit high school students who died in a plane crash nearby.
Daily Bread
An Argentinian Jesuit contrasts his work at a poor parish in Buenos Aires with his work in the United States.
Bridging Worlds
Vietnamese American Jesuit works with Catholics and Buddhists at a refugee camp in the Philippines.
African Project
An electrical engineer from Seattle University and his students have helped people build solar cookers and dams in Zambia.
Dios Proveerá: God Will Provide
A Hispanic American Jesuit architect helps Mexican nuns build a home for mentally retarded adults in Tijuana.
The Right Road
The Entomology Research Institute of Loyola College in India helps to develop environmentally-friendly agricultural techniques.
No Small Dreams
Br. Jerome Menkhaus, SJ, is a civil engineer who has put his construction skills to use in Pohnpei, Micronesia, and in Abuja, Nigeria.
Christ in the Desert
A Jesuit in Australia describes art that combines Aboriginal and Christian elements.
Mexican Jesuits find themselves under attack for their social justice activism, notably in Chiapas and at Mexico City's Miguel Pro Human Rights Center.
An interview of Fr Juan Julio Wicht, SJ, who voluntarily remained as a hostage in Peru for 126 days in 1996-7.
A Jesuit school for boys in Cairo serves kids of all faiths.
At the Center
The Jesuit Center in Amman, Jordan, is the heart of a growing Jesuit presence there.
From All Over the World
Students from different countries converge at the Jesuits' Pontifical Biblical Institute in Jerusalem.
A Meeting Place
A photo gallery of Jesuits working in the Middle East.
A University in Beirut
Lebanon's St. Joseph University has several specialized institutes for its students.
A Plank and a Passion
Teatro la fragua is a theatre group in Honduras that gives impoverished people a voice.
A Way of Giving Thanks
St John's High students start Colonia de San Juan, a housing construction project in Guatemala City.
A Parish and a Community
A pastor at Toronto's Our Lady of Lourdes Parish writes about the cultural diversity of his community.
Le Centre Paul-Le Jeune is a kind of Newman Center for university students in Montreal, Canada.
A Matter of Human Rights
Director of the Miguel Pro Human Rights Center talks about his work investigating and fighting against human rights abuses in Mexico.
Give Us the Holy Spirit
Jesuits in Mexico work with indigenous peoples in all their apostolates.
Giving Roses
Mexican Jesuit Fr. Miguel Aguayo integrates his Jesuit and artistic vocations.
Fifteen Years in Montreal
Former provincial of the French Canada Province talks about living in community and working at the Centre Justice et Foi, a social action center.
Listen to the Elders
A Jesuit from Upper Canada's work with Ojibway at the Kateri Centre, a parish for Native Catholics with traditional spirituality.
To Proclaim the Gospel
A Jesuit from French Canada talks about his work at the Pedro Arrupe Center in Haiti.
Unbroken Spirit
Jesuits in Vilnius, Lithuania, rebuild a school formerly run by the Society.
A Return
Interview of Vietnam's Jesuit Superior, Fr. Doan Cong Nguyen, who describes the past 20 years in his country.
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