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A Classicist in Rome
Fr. Felix Sanchez Vallejo, SJ (1918-2004), talked the talk (in Latin!).
Building a Spiral Staircase to Heaven
Fr. José Morenio, SJ, keeps busy doing parish work, writing math textbooks, and educating youth.
Captain Jack McLain, SJ
An army chaplain is back stateside after tours in Afghanistan.
Amelia and Roger and Me
What do Jesuits do in their spare time? Fr. Martin Moleski, SJ, tries to find out what happened to Amelia Earhart.
A Beautiful Mission
As the Society’s postulator general, Fr. Paolo Molinari, SJ, documents and presents the lives of extraordinary Christians for consideration for beatification.
On the Air with EWTN
Fr. Mitch Pacwa, SJ, has become one of the mainstays at Mother Angelica's Eternal Word Television Network.
Faith Was There
Jesuit chaplain Fr. Paul Cavanaugh continued his ministry even while in a WWII prison camp.
A Jesuit's Musical Ministry
Fr. Frank Coco, SJ, and his clarinet make beautiful music with a Dixieland flair.
With Bound Hands: A Jesuit in Nazi Germany
Alfred Delp, SJ, smuggled poignant letters out of a Nazi prison in his final days.
Waterfront Priest
Fr. John Corridan, SJ, was a passionate advocate for democratic reforms in the labor unions in New York and the inspiration behind the 1954 film On the Waterfront.
The Last Renaissance Man: Athanasius Kircher, SJ
Athanasius Kircher, SJ, 17th century German Jesuit teacher, inventor, and researcher.
Father General
Fr. Peter-Hans Kolvenbach, SJ, and Company magazine share an anniversary year.
Someone You Should Know
Profiles and photos of just a few of the many people who make Jesuit ministries tick.
A Century of Jesuit Martyrs
Three hundred and forty-two Jesuits have been martyred in the past 100 years.
Healing...on Reuniting Salvadorans
Fr. Jon de Cortina, SJ, helps his country heal.
Secret, Perilous Project
In the 1500s Juana of Austria secretly became the first and only woman to gain membership in the Society of Jesus.
The Easternmost Jesuit
Fr. Paul Sullivan, SJ, is the pastor of St. Joseph Parish in Eastport, Maine.
On Loan
Fr. Tom Smolich's work in the field of finance.
Pure Energy
Jesuit Robert Spitzer leads seminars on business ethics for executives.
One Faith and the Many Forms of Violence
Reflections on the lives of three recent Jesuit martyrs killed in India, Nepal, and Cambodia.
Twice Blessed
Fr. Eric Zuckerman, SJ, talks about his Jewish heritage.
Renaissance Men
Greg Chisholm, Terry Curry, and John Staudenmaier are Jesuits involved in engineering, architecture, and the history of science.
No Small Dreams
Br. Jerome Menkhaus, SJ, is a civil engineer who has put his construction skills to use in Pohnpei, Micronesia, and in Abuja, Nigeria.
An interview of Fr Juan Julio Wicht, SJ, who voluntarily remained as a hostage in Peru for 126 days in 1996-7.
A Good Run
Fr Gerald Walling, SJ, talks about being a professional actor and a Jesuit.
Open Call
Short profiles of Jesuits in the performing arts.
A Good Guide
Sr Ruth Graf is a professor of Old Testament at Xavier University.
The Marriage of True Minds
The story of Alfredo and Beatrice Oswald, a married couple that decided to leave each other to enter religious life.
Astronomer, Missionary, Photographer, Character
A story about Missouri Province Jesuit, Fr. Charles Charroppin, a true renaissance man.
Giving Roses
Mexican Jesuit Fr. Miguel Aguayo integrates his Jesuit and artistic vocations.
Fifteen Years in Montreal
A former provincial of the French Canada Province talks about working at a social action center.
Too Busy to Retire
A French Canadian Jesuit talks about his mission work in China and his current work for the canonization of Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha.
Christian Thinker
Fr. Bernard Lonergan, SJ, was a theologian, philosopher, and economist, and he revitalized 20th-century Catholic thought.
With C.J. for Guide
Fr. C.J. McNaspy, SJ, encouraged many young Jesuit artists.
Two friends choose different paths—on as a married man, the other as a Jesuit.
Back to School
A Jesuit pursues a business degree to aid in his community development work in Los Angeles.
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