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A Question of Humanity
Jesuit geneticist Fr. Kevin FitzGerald talks about the social and ethical ramifications of cloning, genetic engineering, and other scienctific advances.
In the Name of Peace
Voices in the Jesuit world are rising in opposition to war with Iraq.
Walking with Christ
A Jesuit community in Cincinnati serves one of the city's most marginalized neighborhoods.
The Long View
Jesuits confront a culture of everyday violence and injustice.
Putting It on the Line
A thousand Jesuit-related people protest the School of the Americas.
To Market, To Market
Loyola University New Orleans brings together farm and city folk.
From San Francisco to Los Angeles, a Jesuit's 564-mile ride to fight AIDS.
Mexican Jesuits find themselves under attack for their social justice activism, notably in Chiapas and at Mexico City's Miguel Pro Human Rights Center.
A Matter of Human Rights
Director of the Miguel Pro Human Rights Center talks about his work investigating and fighting against human rights abuses in Mexico.
Fifteen Years in Montreal
Former provincial of the French Canada Province talks about living in community and working at the Centre Justice et Foi, a social action center.
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