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The Language of the Heart
Central American Ministries has been making a difference in Guatemala since 1995.
From the Heart
Creighton University students, staff, and faculty have been bringing health-care expertise to the Dominican Republic since 1976 through the ILAC program.
Whoever Is Least Among You
Our Little Haven is a lay-inspired and -run work in St. Louis that offers food and shelter and so much more to kids who need it.
All in a Day's Work
Profiles of eight of Chicago's Ignatian Lay Volunteer Corps (ILVC) retirees.
In Our Neighborhood
Saint Louis University's Micah House residents live in he same dorm, take classes together, and volunteer in the community.
Working in the Spirit
Portraits of six remarkable young people working in the 45-year-old tradition of the Jesuit Volunteer Corps.
Back to Work
Retirees relish the opportunity to give something back through the Ignatian Lay Volunteer Corps.
Thanks Dad, Thanks, God
A Jesuit volunteer's spiritual journey from Pennsylvania to Oregon.
Aftermath of Hurrican Mitch
Jesuit parishoners lend a hand in Honduras.
The Path to Portland
The Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest's Elder Corps program in Portland.
Real People
Fordham Prep students serve others through the Appalachia Service Program.
Remembering Christmas in Belize
A Jesuit Volunteer recalls her Christmas in Belize.
School of Life
Chicago-based Inner-City Teaching Corps attracts top college grads to teach.
Never Too Late
The Ignatian Lay Volunteer Corps aims at attracting older adults.
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