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Spring 2007

Fr Ricci

The Chinese Rites debate fanned the flames of controversy in seventeenth century Europe. Read all about it in Of Rites and Wrongs by historian Liam Brockey.

Part of mural

Learn how one Jesuit parish in El Paso, Texas is fighting the good fight in On the Border by Maureen Ryan.

Aloysius Gonzaga

Think you know all there is to know about St. Aloysius Gonzaga? Think again. Fr. James Martin, SJ, gives the real story of the young Gonzaga's stubborn faith in Rebel Saint.

James Mertz

Remember your favorite Jesuit? So do over 25 of our readers, who wrote in with their funny, touching, and heartfelt Good Memories.

Fr Lombardi

For Italian Jesuit Federico Lombardi, overseeing the Vatican press office, Vatican Television, and Vatican Radio is All in a Day's Work.

Theology on Tap

Peter Tormey explores Theology on Tap at Gonzaga, a program that has become one of the most promising youth ministries active in the world today.

maxims and minims

A Gonzaga High graduate in the movies, Jesuit alumni in Congress, students at the March for Life, a virtual tour of the Basilica, and more in Minims & Maxims.

Winter 2006-07

Minims and Maxims

Read all about the Jesuit Superior General's visit to Detroit, the Ignatian Family Teach-In, and Bill Gates' boost to Cristo Rey schools in this issue's Minims and Maxims.

Portable altar

Think you know what the Holy Grail is? After reading G. Ronald Murphy's surprising take on a medieval romance and a German altarpiece in Gemstone of Paradise, you may change your mind!


Vocation Promotion. Find out what the Society of Jesus is doing this Vocation Promotion Day to light the fire in today's Jesuit high school students.

One of the newcomers

Newcomers. In the Fall issue, you met the first half of this year's Jesuit novices. Here is the second half which is no less bright and inspired! Read all about them here.


Magis. Even if you aren't a Jesuit school grad, you'll understand why these alums have decided to give more (magis) to their communities and to the world.


The Jesuits in Jamaica offer heritage and hope in equal measures to their people, according to author Richard Roos, SJ.


Latin scholar Yasmin Haskell takes a look back at Jesuit education as it was in the early days and discusses its value and legacy among today's teachers in As I See It.

Fall 2006

Ste. Anne's Church

Ste. Anne's Church on Mackinac Island, Michigan is A Place to Call Home for many seasonal workers from all over the world. Learn why in this article which highlights the efforts of several Jesuits to make the Church present there.

NTWH Actors in performance

Br. Rick Curry's apostolate has traditionally been with the intersection of the handicapped and those interested in the theatre. In his article, Wounded Warriors, he describes how "telling the story" helps with the journey back for veterans who seek to re-enter 'normal civilian' life.

One of the new novices

Fall 2006 saw a number of people decide to enter the Jesuits as novices. In this, the first of a two-part article, Newcomers 2006, read some of the thumbnail bios of this year's Jesuit novices. Information on the others who entered will be available in the Winter Issue.

One generation helping another

Brad Reynolds, SJ takes a closer look at how John Halligan, SJ, who began by serving Ecuadorian shoeshine boys decades ago and continues to this day ministering to A Family of Families.

Pope Gregory XV

Author Tony Amodeo delves into the tradition of Jesuit education with his account of the life and legacy of Pope Gregory XV, the first pope who was educated by Jesuits.

Minims and Maxims

In this issue's version of Minims and Maxims you can Read about new Vatican appointments, Daniel Berrigan's birthday celebration, Lebanese students responding to the plight of refugees, and saints guiding highway traffic

Summer 2006

old icon of Christ

In Ordination 2006 you'll read about the eleven new Jesuit priests ordained in the United States this summer.

Figure Skaters

Commencement speakers and March Madness at Jesuit colleges and universities, a Jesuit high school lacrosse tournament, two Jesuits moving toward sainthood, Olympians with a Jesuit connection, and much more in this issue's Minims & Maxims.

A worker with refugees

Lynn Yoshikawa and the Jesuit Refugee Service are on the front line and In Search of a Solution for the approximately 2 million Burmese refugees living in Thailand.

A nebula in our universe

Is God a Scientist? George Coyne, SJ, director of the Vatican Observatory, takes a closer look at the debate over evolution and intelligent design.

Jubilee 2006

Find out how the world has been celebrating Jesuit Jubilee 2006 in this worldwide update.

One of the winning photos

We received over 800 submissions for Company's fifth bi-annual Photo Contest. See the best of the best in The Ignatian View.

Fr Andy Dufner, SJ

In The Rings of the Sitka Spruce, Gary Smith, SJ, reflects on the life and legacy ofphysicist, ecologist, and spiritual director Andy Dufner, SJ, the driving force behind the Nestucca Sanctuary on Oregon's coast.


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