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August 30, 2000

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Jesuit Sees Church Changed by Growing Number of Latino Catholics

Fr Allan Figueroa Deck SJ, executive director of the Loyola Institute for Spirituality in Orange, California, and theology professor at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, told participants at a summer theology institute in the Milwaukee Archdiocese that the growing number of Latino Catholics is transforming the Catholic Church in the United States.

But the North American church needs to treat Latinos pastorally and not "run roughshod" over their sensitivities and popular religiosity in a drive for theological consistency, he said.

Fr Deck noted that today one of four US Catholics is of Hispanic origin, and he estimated that there are 23 million Latino Catholics currently in the United States.

Rituals, such as blessings and presentation of the child before baptism or at 15 years of age, are much appreciated by the Hispanic Catholic, while "in this country, we tend to be unritualistic."

Too often Latino Catholics are told "there's not good theology" behind a loved Hispanic religious custom, or their beliefs are dismissed as superstition.

Ignoring popular religion, Fr Deck said, is ignoring the way ordinary people live their faith. Too much theology and catechism, he added, is based on "the need to get somebody to learn, rather than experience so the heart is changed." [Source CNS. Do not repost electronically]


Beatification of Pius IX

In the August 26 issue of America, Fr John O'Malley SJ, professor of historical theology at the Weston Jesuit School of Theology in Cambridge, Massachusetts, writes on "The Beatification of Pope Pius IX," whose beatification takes place on September 3.

"For whom is this model meaningful," asks Fr O'Malley, "for whom intended? Popes? Political leaders? Ordinary faithful? No matter what the answer to such questions, the model provided by every saint and blessed must be translated if it is to be meaningful in our lives, but for Pius the translating will be especially tricky and taxing.

"Although Pius IX may become an icon for militant traditionalists," writes O'Malley, "for the devotional life of the faithful he will almost certainly continue, even if later canonized, in his present state of oblivion.

"Even in the Marches, the region of Italy from which he came, he is today scarcely remembered and has there today no cult among the faithful—which does raise the question of where the recent impetus for the beatification came from," he writes.

Fr O'Malley notes that Pius IX was know as a liberal pope until 1848 when he fled Rome because he feared he was going to be dethroned by revolutionaries. When he returned to Rome two years later with the help of French troops, he "set his face against anything ‘modern'."

The church today has "been reconciled with modern society in ways and to a degree Pius IX would find utterly incomprehensible and intolerable," Fr O'Malley adds. [Source America]

The full text is available on the web at


Website Provides Ideas for Homilies

Fr John Kavanaugh SJ and Fr James Swetnamn SJ are among contributors to Homilies Alive at, a website started last year by Deacon Ed Macauley of St Genevieve du Bois Parish in Warson Woods, Missouri, and Msgr Francis Friedl of Dubuque, Iowa. For each Sunday's readings the site contains two homilies; the sample homilies provide ideas or a slant that can help visitors formulate their own homilies. Fr Swetnam of the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome said that as a contributor, he has "the satisfaction of having my ideas about homilies made available to interested parties on an international scale. As a visitor to the site, I can get ideas about future homilies that I have to give." [Source CNS. Do not repost electronically]


Loyola College Hosts National Conference of Student Leaders

Loyola College hosted 160 student leaders from 23 Jesuit colleges and universities from around the country at the fourth annual Jesuit Student Leader's Conference. Speakers included Baltimore's mayor Martin O'Malley and Yolanda King, daughter of the late Dr Martin Luther King Jr.

The program serves as a way for student leaders from Jesuit institutions to learn from experts and from each other. [Source Loyola College in Maryland]


Jesuit Named Consultant to 'Ex Corde' Committee

Fr James J Conn SJ (MAR), professor of canon law at St Mary's Seminary and University in Baltimore, and Dominican Sister Maureen Fay, president of the University of Detroit Mercy, have been named as two of the consultants by Archbishop Daniel E Pilarczyk of Cincinnati to his committee of bishops charged with developing the US procedures for giving Catholic theologians a "mandatum" to teach.

The committee arises out of the US application of "Ex Corde Ecclesiae," Pope John Paul II's 1990 apostolic constitution on Catholic higher education, which set out norms for Catholic colleges and universities worldwide and called on bishops' conferences to establish local legislation implementing them.

The other consultants are Daniel Finn, theology professor at St John's University in Minnesota, and Terrence Tilley, department chairman of religious studies at the University of Dayton, Ohio.

In June, Bishop Joseph A Fiorenza of Galveston-Houston, National Conference of Catholic Bishops president, appointed Archbishop Pilarczyk's committee to develop procedures that would spell out how US bishops are to grant, withhold, or withdraw a Catholic theologian's mandate to teach. It is also charged with establishing procedures for appeals by theologians in the event of a refusal or withdrawal of a mandatum.

The US application is to take effect next May. [Source CNS. Do not repost electronically]


Creighton University Offers On-Line Spiritual Retreat

Creighton University has turned the internet into a place where one can make a retreat at a computer at any time.

Personal freedom and a greater intimacy with God are the focus of Creighton University's Retreat in Daily Life, which begins its third year this fall.

Although the 34-week retreat can be begun at any time during the year, starting it in mid-September will allow retreatants to coordinate the weekly readings with the Liturgical year. The retreat is based on the Spiritual Exercises and features a weekly guide, helps for prayer, and photographs for reflection. An on-line sharing element allows people from all over the world to share their experiences of God.

"The Exercises have transformed people's lives for 500 years," said Andy Alexander SJ, vice president for university ministry and director of the collaborative ministry office. "We want to expand their reach so they could be available to people at their computers, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

"We used the Exercises as our textbook as we designed the retreat," he said. "We also enlisted the support of two other Jesuits at Creighton." Don Doll SJ, a photographer, contributed a photo every week, and Larry Gillick SJ, a spiritual and retreat director wrote a weekly column called "Guideposts for the Journey." [Source Creighton University]

Find the site at


Jesuit Brother Receives Humanity Service Award

Br John Martin SJ (CHI) was the recipient of the International Humanity Service Award from the American Red Cross Overseas Association in early August. The non-profit group has given the award annually since 1956 to an individual or group for extraordinary service to society.

Br Martin was awarded for his work at Mary Magdalen House in Cincinnati, where people can take a shower, have clothes laundered by volunteers, get new clothes, use the phone to reach prospective employers, or simply use the restroom. Not a shelter, the house gets between 80 and 120 guests who use the home each day. [Source Cincinnati Enquirer]


Jesuit Honored as Top US Missionary

Fr Richard Jones SJ who has spent 40 years among the Native Americans of South Dakota was named the recipient of the Catholic Church Extension Society's 2000 Lumen Christi Award, presented annually to recognize missionaries who work in poor or isolated areas of the United States.

Fr Jones, 85, began teaching at St Francis Mission School on the Rosebud Reservation in 1940; he then took teaching positions in St Louis and Milwaukee before returning to the Lakota reservation in 1963.

During his 40 years there, he said that he has seen a great deal of suffering with "early deaths, broken homes, violence, and alcoholism." But he is also quick to add that "we have no problems here, only challenges."

His teaching style integrates Catholic teaching with Native American tradition. "We are trying to understand them and they are trying to understand us," he said. "It's not us imposing on them. It's a two-way street. You love them, and they'll love you."

Fr Jones launched the reservation's first adult education program in the 1960s in response to the large number of high school dropouts. After his term as head of that program, he remained on the reservation and oversaw spiritual renewal. In the 1970s he initiated weekly charismatic renewal meetings, which continue today. [Source CNS. Do not repost electronically]


University of San Francisco's Radio Station Named One of America's Top 20

The University of San Francisco's radio station KUSF-FM (90.3) was named by US Airways's magazine ATTACHE as one of its top-20 recommended radio stations in the country.

The article "A Guide to Great Radio from Coast to Coast" gravitated toward stations "that offer an intelligent alternative to the ubiquitous Top 40-playlist variety, aiming to broaden horizons as well as to entertain. In a medium that thrives on demographic narrowcasting, some stations buck the trend by presuming that at least a certain percentage of people out there in radio land prefers an eclectic, innovative mix of sounds and viewpoints."

The award-winning KUSF broadcasts 24 hours a day to most of the Bay Area. The station offers hands-on experience to USF students interested in broadcasting as a career and airs alternative music, cultural and fine arts programs, and ethnic and public affairs programming. [Source University of San Francisco]


Saint Joseph's University Freshman Oriented to Ignatian Values

Two days before classes begin, Saint Joseph University's class of 2004 will participate in the school's first-ever Academic Orientation. "Saint Joseph's to the Core Living our Ignatian Values" is an attempt to introduce freshmen to the academic and Jesuit factors that are at the heart of the university's identity.

Besides hearing what to expect in the classroom, students will learn about the Jesuit values that make their education different from many others.

"The entire day is meant to convey to our new students exactly why Saint Joseph's celebrates its Ignatian values," said Dr Daniel J Curran Jr, executive vice president. "Among the values we'll emphasize throughout the session are our Catholic and Jesuit tradition, the positive experience of community, academic excellence and integrity, the enriching relationships between teachers and students, cura personalis, or care for the person, education of the whole person, and service to others. [Source Saint Joseph's University]


Seattle Prep Alum Awarded Pulitzer

Seattle Prep graduate David Kennedy '59 received the 2000 Pulitzer for history for his book, Freedom From Fear The America People in Depression and War, 1929-1945, a comprehensive history of the Great Depression and World War II.

Kennedy spent eleven years studying for and writing the book, reading hundreds of published accounts and visiting major battle sites of World War II.

He credits Seattle Prep as "the place I learned to write. I received a first class education. It was a wonderful time in my life." [Source Seattle Prep]


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