Ordination '97 -- Pictures and Biographies


Fr. Donald Anderson, 33, from Rapid City, studied psychology and philosophy at Gonzaga University. He taught religion and coached cross country at Gonzaga Prep in Spokane and worked among the Blackfoot Indians in Montana and the homeless in Portland. He worked as a hospital chaplain and at a grade school in Oakland, Calif., and plans to work in parish ministry. (Oregon Province)


Fr. Thomas Doyle, 39, from Lima, Ohio, has a BS in medical technology from Marquette University. He taught English and theology at Marquette University High and served on a fact-finding delegation at the end of the civil war in El Salvador. After ordination he will serve as pastoral director and teacher at Marquette University High. (Wisconsin Province)


Fr. Dirk Dunfee, 40, from Pasadena, Calif., has a law degree from Duke. He taught at a Jesuit high school in Harare, Zimbabwe, where he helped organize famine relief efforts. He has worked at a L'Arche center in Tacoma and tutored at Nativity School in Roxbury, Mass. He plans to work among African-American Catholics in the St. Louis area. (Missouri Province)


Fr. Christopher Fronk, 32, from Monaca, Pa., taught history at Scranton Preparatory School, worked in campus ministry at Wheeling Jesuit College, and has served as navy reserve chaplain (lieutenant jg) in Italy, England, and the United States. He plans to work on the campus ministry staff at St. JosephÕs University in Philadelphia in the fall. (Maryland Province)


Fr. Robert Gilroy, 37, from Canton, Mass., has a BA in art from Bates College in Lewiston, Maine, and an MA in art therapy from Lesley College in Cambridge, Mass. He served as hospital chaplain and spiritual director at the Rosebud Sioux Reservation in South Dakota. He will return there after ordination to work at Sinte Gleske University. (New England Province)


Fr. Doan Hoang, 41, from Thanh Dong, Vietnam, attended the Jesuits' Sophia University in Tokyo. He worked with Vietnamese people in New Orleans, taught Christian spirituality to Vietnamese nuns, and directed Ignatian weekend retreats to Vietnamese Christian Life Communities members, all ministries he hopes to continue after ordination. (California Province)


Fr. Karl Kiser, 35, from Menominee, Mich., graduated from Michigan State with a bachelor's degree in political science. He taught at the Jesuits' Colegio Cristo Rey in Tacna, Peru, was prison chaplain in Boston, and was deacon at Gesu Church in University Heights, Ohio. He will go to Madrid in the fall to complete a licentiate in theology. (Detroit Province)


Fr. Joseph LaBrie, 36, from Tacoma, has a master's degree in mathematics from the University of North Carolina. He taught the subject at Loyola High in Los Angeles and, as deacon at a San Jose parish, performed over 250 baptisms. He is working toward a doctorate in clinical psychology at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. (California Province)


Fr. Thomas Lamanna, 34, from Spokane, has bachelor's degrees in political science and history from Gonzaga University in Spokane. He taught religion at Spokane's Gonzaga Prep, where he also served in campus ministry and as softball coach. He has a particular interest in working on the high school level as teacher, coach, and campus minister. (Oregon Province)


Fr. Brian Lehane, 37, from Cleveland, has a BA in English from Cleveland State. He taught English, religion, and psychology at Walsh Jesuit High School in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, studied Spanish in the Dominican Republic, and did volunteer work at Covenant House, a home for boys and girls, in New Orleans while studying at Loyola University there. (Detroit Province)


Fr. Ryan Maher, 36, from Phoenix, has a bachelor's degree in linguistics from Georgetown. He taught English at St. Joseph's Prep in Philadelphia, where he also led students on volunteer trips to Mexico. He is working on a PhD in educational administration at the University of San Francisco. After ordination he will serve as chaplain at St. Joseph's Prep. (Maryland Province)


Fr. Robert McTeigue, 36, from Newark, with a PhD in philosophy from Catholic University, taught the subject at St. Louis University and the University of Scranton. He also has worked at a senior citizens' home, a hospice for cancer and AIDS patients, and with children with Down's syndrome. He will teach philosophy at the University of Scranton this fall. (Maryland Province)


Fr. Thomas Merkel, 34, from Milwaukee, has an MA in education from the University of San Francisco, taught religion at Red Cloud High School in Pine Ridge, S.Dak., and directed a summer health-care program in the Dominican Republic. After ordination he will serve as superintendent for the Red Cloud Indian School District. (Wisconsin Province)


Fr. Charles O'Byrne, 38, from New York, has a law degree from Columbia. He served as assistant to the president at St. Peter's College and as vice president for academic affairs for Columbia College's alumni association. He served as a deacon at St. Ignatius Church in Manhattan. This fall he continues his work toward a PhD in American history at Columbia. (New York Province)


Fr. Robert Reiser, 33, from Buffalo, has a BS in accounting from Canisius College. He taught math and Latin at St. Peter's Prep and English to Jesuit novices in Lagos, Nigeria, and led volunteers from New York's Regis High to Quito, Ecuador, to work at the Center for Working Boys. This fall he will be directing Canisius High's Christian Service Program. (New York Province)


Fr. Mark Scalese, 38, from Scranton, has a bachelor's degree in art education from Marywood College in Scranton. He taught art at Gonzaga Prep in Washington, D.C., and led students from there for work at an orphanage in Guadalajara, Mexico. He will start producing documentaries with a production company in Virginia this fall. (Maryland Province)


Fr. Eugene Sessa, 37, from Chicago, with a BA in communication arts from Spring Hill College, taught Spanish at Jesuit College Prep in Dallas and Spring Hill College, and taught English in Poland three summers running. He has worked extensively with teatro la fragua in Honduras. He returns to Jesuit College Prep in Dallas this fall to teach. (New Orleans Province)


Fr. Thomas Sheehan, 37, from Lynn, Mass., has a BA in sociology from Holy Cross. He was an alcohol-abuse counselor in the Boston area and taught Spanish at Bishop Connolly High School and Boston College High. He worked in the field of clinical pastoral education in hospitals in St. Louis and New Orleans, and plans to continue that ministry in the fall. (New England Province)


Fr. Edward Siebert, 31, from Cleveland, has an MA in educational administration from the University of San Francisco. He taught English and film at Walsh Jesuit High in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio; he took a group of students from there to help build homes in Guatemala. He is working on an MFA in film production in Los Angeles and plans on directing films. (Detroit Province)


Fr. John-Francis Vu, 37, from Saigon, has a BA in French literature from Santa Clara University. He taught French at Jesuit High School in Sacramento and has been active in ministry among Vietnamese Catholics, including giving weekend retreats to Vietnamese youth on the East and West coasts. He plans to continue ministry to immigrants. (California Province)

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