Georgetown volunteer with children



Child being baptized

Honorable Mention, Amateur

The Baptism of Jonathan Hamacher
" Love consists in sharing what one has and what one is with those one loves," says Ignatius in his Spiritual Exercises. The re-creation of one in the image of Christ takes place at Baptism when God shares his life and breathes the life of the Spirit into a person. Here Fr. Doug Leonhardt, SJ, baptizes my grandson, Jonathan Hamacher, at the Carmelite Monastery in Pewaukee, Wisconsin.

--Ms. Patty Hamacher, Waukesha, Wisconsin

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Honorable Mention, Amateur

I run a five-week summer service program in the Dominican Republic called Somos Amigos. The program has brought down more than a hundred Georgetown Prep seniors, including Jason Smoke in this photo, to live and work with the poor in the country. They have helped build five schools, four aqueducts, and a road, but the greatest thing they build is friendship and solidarity with the Dominicans through work and prayer.

--Mr. Trevor Bonat, Assistant Chaplain, Georgetown Prep, North Bethesda, Maryland



Little girl with Santa

Honorable Mention, Amateur

Santa Comes to St. Anthony's Pre-K
Parishioner Joe Smith let his beard grow from last July so that he could play Santa for the St. Anthony's pre-kindergarten class in December 1999. Little Colleen was perfectly comfortable telling Santa her secrets.

--Fr. Matt Roche, SJ, St. Anthony's Church, Oceanside, New York

Honorable Mention, Amateur

Fr. Richard Perry, SJ, religion teacher and campus minister at Seattle Prep, gives a special blessing to a student during communion at a schoolwide Easter liturgy. Just as it was for Ignatius, liturgy is central to who we are in our relationship with Jesus.

--Ms. Karla Conroy, Director of Communications, Seattle Prep

Children in Hiroshima

Honorable Mention, Professional

A Jesuit's Prayer for India and Pakistan
When I visited Hiroshima in 1981 I kept my eyes open for a photograph that could speak about resurrection after devastation. The opportunity presented itself when I met a group of kindergartners visiting the Peace Memorial at Ground Zero.

--Fr. Michael Harter, SJ, Novice Director, Jesuit Novitiate, St. Paul

Giving an Easter blessing
Tutoring a village child in Africa

Honorable Mention, Amateur

A student at Loyola Jesuit College in Abuja, Nigeria, tutors a village child as part of the school's voluntary service program. The motto of the college is "Service to God and Others."

--Fr. Peter Schineller, SJ, Vocation Coordinator, Abuja, Nigeria,now with the Provincial Office, New York

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