Company Magazine --Fall 2001

Meeting at Los Angeles

Great Expectations

More than 450 Jesuit high school educators met this past summer in Los Angeles to chart an Ignatian course for the next 20 years

Cast in Concrete

Out-of-the-ordinary builders
put affordable housing on
the Omaha market.

Detail of construction

Waterfall at Yellowstone Park

Geysers, Grizzlies,
& Grandeur

Jesuit science teacher brings students to a realization of Yellostone's treasures.

Come and See!

How do you become a Jesuit? A vocation director takes you through the steps.

New Jesuit Novice


Introducing the men who joined the Jesuits this fall

Minims and Maxims

Egyptian Mummy

Items of interest from Jesuit ministries

As I See It

Jesuits have been engaged in conversation for centuries.

Ignatius Loyola

Lasting Impressions

Jesuit artistic treasure uncovered: sixteenth century copperplates are found in a cardboard box at a Jesuit Residence in Amsterdam.

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