Company Magazine -- Summer 2002

Eusebio Kino, SJ on horseback

Padre on Horseback

Eusebio Kino, SJ
17th-century missionary is on
his final journey: to sainthood

Heritage of Scholarship

MS means manuscript and MicroSoft for these modern Jesuits researching ancient saints

From the Title page of an early publication

Ordination 2002

Introducing the Jesuits ordained to the priesthood this past summer in the United States

Part of winning photo: cross on church dome

The Ignatian View

How about that cover?
It's one of the winners of our photo contest

Minims and Maxims

Items of interest
from Jesuit ministries

Title page of Mr. Blue

Mr. Blue

A novel that may be out of print is not out of mind for generations of Catholics; it was their Catcher in the Rye

As I See It

A Jesuit find scandal in the Bible; he also find solace.

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