Ordination 2002

THIS SPRING has been a particularly busy time for the nineteen Jesuits ordained to the priesthood this June in the United States. They have been busy since, way back, Company asked them for photos and biographies when they were beginning two-year stints as novices. Then they became collegians, spending three years or so at a university, starting or completing degrees, including MAs in philosophy.

Their next title after that was regent, most teaching in Jesuit high schools for three years. Then they became theologians, studying the subject for three years leading to ordination.

This outline of Jesuit formation is not hard and fast; chances are each of these ordinands was the exception to at least one of these rules, one perhaps joining with an MA in philosophy, another already fluent in Spanish, the language most (there are exceptions) U.S. Jesuits pick up during formation.

There is no rule against two Jesuits, uncle and nephew, being ordained at the same time, but it would be the exception. Well, this year is exceptional: read about the O'Briens below.

This last semester was the last time most of these Jesuits will have been students (remember the exception rule here, though). They were wrapping up final papers, taking exams, packing, making travel plans, and inviting family and friends to ordination ceremonies in their home provinces.

On top of it all, they were subjected once again to requests from Company magazine for biographical information and photos that would do the Society and their families and this magazine proud. They all responded with grace.

Please allow these new Jesuit priests to introduce themselves, and say a prayer for them as they take on a new title, that of father.

David Brown, SJFr. David Brown, 35, from New Orleans, received a bachelor's in physics from Texas A&M University and taught physics and physical science at Jesuit High in New Orleans. His other ministry experiences include teaching catechism in parishes, working in nursing homes, directing family retreats, and giving spiritual direction. His hobbies include astronomy and classical languages. He is continuing to work toward a graduate degree in physics. (New Orleans Province)

James Caime, SJFr. James Caime, 40, from Orlando, has a BA in international relations from Catholic University and an MBA from Georgetown. He was a campus minister at Spring Hill College, where he coordinated RCIA for students and directed music at campus liturgies. A piano player since he was eight, he has also sung in choirs and played the organ, and he enjoys studying languages. He plans to work in college campus ministry. (New Orleans Province)

Brian Frain, SJFr. Brian Frain, 38, from Audubon, N.J., with a BA in international relations and an MS in education from Saint Joseph's University, taught at Regis High in New York. He founded a tutoring program at Fordham University and has worked in India and Ireland. He served at St. Ignatius Retreat House in New York and will do so at Mt. Manresa Retreat House on Staten Island in the fall. He plays the flute and accordion. (New York Province)

John Gavin, SJFr. John Gavin, 33, from Norwood, Pa., has a BA in Russian from Boston College and taught classics and religion at Loyola Blakefield. He was a hospital minister and a youth group leader in the Bronx and a prison minister in Boston. The oldest of eight, he enjoys reading Christian novelists and listening to classical and folk music. He is active in respect-life ministry and will begin studies in Rome this fall. (New England Province)

Michael Gilson, SJFr. Michael Gilson, 36, from Walnut Creek, Calif., has a bachelor's in biology from Santa Clara University. During regency he taught at St. Ignatius College Prep in San Francisco, where he also coached cross country and assisted with the theater program. He has been working in youth ministry and spiritual direction at an Oakland parish and is a big fan of the Giants. He returns to teaching high school next fall. (California Province)

J Martin Hosking, SJFr. J. Martin Hosking, 37, from Omaha, with a BA in Spanish from Creighton University, worked for three years at Nativity Jesuit Middle School in Milwaukee. He did jail ministry in Omaha, worked with gang members in East Los Angeles, and designed a border awareness experience for high school students in Texas and Mexico. He enjoys photography, singing, and making Mexican food; his first assignment as a priest will be at Creighton Prep. (Wisconsin Province)

Arthur Leger, SJFr. Arthur Leger, 47, from Lautoka, Fiji Islands, has a BA in education from the University of South Pacific in Fiji and an MA in education administration from Gonzaga University. As a regent he helped Catholic schools in Micronesia become accredited; he also worked with Catholic Charities, doing housecleaning for the homebound. He will continue work on a doctorate in the School of Professional Studies at Gonzaga after ordination. (New York Province)

Paul Mariani, SJFr. Paul Mariani, 37, from Montague, Mass., has a bachelor's in biology from Harvard University and an interest in Chinese history. He taught algebra and Asian studies and coached cross country at Bellarmine Prep in San Jose. He facilitated a Bible study group for students at the University of California Berkeley Newman Center. He has visited China and hopes to do advanced studies in Chinese history and work in China in the future. (California Province)

Thomas O'Brien, SJFr. Thomas O'Brien, 53, from Waverly, N.Y., with a bachelor's in English from the University of Detroit Mercy, taught English and theology at Walsh Jesuit High in Stow, Ohio, and St. Ignatius High in Cleveland. He was music director at St. Francis de Sales Parish in Ohio. He will be ordained this summer with his nephew William (next ordinand) and then start working at Holy Rosary/St. John's Parish in Columbus, Ohio. (Detroit Province)

William O'Brien, SJFr. William O'Brien, 32, from Hudson, Ohio, has degrees in English and philosophy from Miami University Ohio. He studied Spanish in Peru and taught at Brebeuf Prep in Indianapolis. He did parish ministry in El Paso and directed retreats in Los Altos, California. After ordination he will continue theology studies. He is an avid backpacker, and he took up the saxophone during regency. His uncle (previous ordinand) is also being ordained. (Chicago Province)

Gregory O'Meara, SJFr. Gregory O'Meara, 42, from Milwaukee, received a BA in English and philosophy from Notre Dame and a JD from the University of Wisconsin. During regency he taught courses at Marquette University Law School, where he was chosen "teacher of the year"; he will teach there after ordination. He is the fifth of seven brothers, a fourth-generation alumnus of Notre Dame, and a fourth-generation attorney. (Wisconsin Province)

Patrick Rogers, SJFr. Patrick Rogers, 38, from Millersville, Md., with a bachelor's in music performance from Towson University, was a teacher of history and communications and assistant tennis coach at Scranton Prep. He was a pastoral counselor for AIDS patients in New York and worked at a leprosy hospital in India. Last summer he traveled to China where he studied the culture and history. Teaching, music, and sports are his passions. (Maryland Province)

Ronald Rogers, SJFr. Ronald Schmidt, 58, from North Hollywood, has a bachelor's in English from Georgetown and a master's in telecommunications management from the University of Colorado. He has worked as a producer, secretary, and treasurer at Loyola Productions, a Jesuit video production company in Los Angeles. A father of three grown sons, he looks forward to baptizing his grandchildren and to more parish work after ordination. (New Orleans Province)

Gilbert Sunghera, SJ

Fr. Gilbert Sunghera, 40, from Huntington Beach, Calif., has a BA in social ecology from the University of California Irvine and an MA in architecture from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. At Loyola High in Los Angeles he directed the community service program, worked in campus ministry, and taught theology. He designed the interior renovation of a church in West Oakland and is involved with Jesuit building projects. (California Province)

Luis Tampe, SJFr. Luis Tampe, 36, from Santiago, Chile, has a BA in mechanical engineering from Catholic University and an MA in the subject from MIT. He taught philosophy at Fairfield University, was a translator for the Jesuit Dictionary Project, worked as a support person for Jesuit Volunteers in Bridgeport, Conn., and was a catechist at St. Ignatius in Brooklyn. He has lived throughout Latin America and would like to teach at a seminary. (New England Province)

Wayne Tkel, SJFr. Wayne Tkel, 38, from Palau, Micronesia, has a BA in art from the University of Guam. At Xavier High in Micronesia he taught religion and literature and was a campus minister. He was a eucharistic minister for a hospital and a music minister in Cambridge, Mass. He worked with the Montfort Missionaries in Connecticut and enjoys sketching, playing guitar, and swimming. In the future he sees himself serving at a parish or high school. (New York Province)

Michael TurnacliffFr. Michael Turnacliff, 38, from Sacramento, has a BA in business from the University of Southern California, a BA in Spanish from Gonzaga University, and an MA in counseling from Santa Clara University. He taught Spanish and coached golf at St. Ignatius College Prep in San Francisco and worked in campus ministry at Santa Clara. He loves golf and baseball; he is working on getting his counseling license. (California Province)

Kenneth Urumolug, SJFr. Kenneth Urumolug, 37, from Satawal Island, Micronesia, received a BA in sociology from the University of Guam. He was a teacher and dean at Xavier High School in Chuuk during regency, and he did spiritual direction at St. Ignatius Retreat House in Manhasset, N.Y. His hobbies include sailing and scuba diving. He worked with street children in the Philippines and will serve as a pastoral minister on the islands of Yap after ordination. (New York Province)

Duc Vu, SJFr. Duc Vu, 44, from Vietnam, came to the United States in 1981 and received a bachelor's degree in computer science from the University of California Irvine. He taught mathematics at Jesuit High in Sacramento and spent three summers giving Kairos retreats to high school students. In his free time he jogs, weightlifts, reads, and writes. As a priest he is interested in serving as a spiritual director for fellow religious. (California Province)


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