Spring 2003

Fishing in Toksook Bay

Photographer and author Fr. Brad Reynolds, SJ, revisits a part
of Alaska that -- though remote -- is rich in its
people and customs.

Before & After

One Jesuit feels particularly blessed with all the help he has received rehabbing housing for low-income residents.



Minims & Maxims

Items of interest from Jesuit ministries



As I See It

A laywoman experiences the spiritual execises in everyday life.



Phase II

Others are eagerly duplicating the success of Chicago's Cristo Rey Jesuit High School, an innovative educational concept developed by the Jesuits.

What's Cooking?

Try the crab cakes. Taste the gumbo, too. These recipes from Jesuit houses are tempting, we think you'll admit.

Making History

Was this famous old map forged? A German Jesuit may have used his knowledge of history and cartography to gall Hitler

Father General

Fr. Peter-Hans Kolvenbach, SJ, and Company magazine share an anniversary year

In the Name of Peace

Voices in the Jesuit world are rising in opposition to war with Iraq

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