Feature Articles: Summer 2003

Drummers in a procession

Voyage of Discovery

Jesuits in the U.S. and India find strong similarities between their ministries in Pine Ridge, South Dakota, and Kohima, India. It works to their mutual benefit.

I Was Dying and You Rubbed My Feet

A Jesuit looks back on one particularly challenging request made of him during his years as a novice.

Waterfront Priest

Though the movie On the Waterfront is almost 50 years old, the eight Oscars it won still shine. It's all based on the real-life work of a Jesuit on New York's docks.

Scene from movie Conversation during a retreat

"A Most Excellent Ministry for Today"

Ignatius's Spiritual Exercises: a spiritual legacy continues its long history of adapting to peoples' needs.

Kids working on homework

Successes on Buckley Street

Boys' lives gain focus in a home that fosters growth in many forms

An item of interest

Minims & Maxmims

Items of interest from Jesuit Ministries

As I see It

Even though it is sometimes mixed, having a Jesuit as a brother is a definite blessing.

Ordination 2003

New Jesuit Priests

Jim McDermott, recently ordained

Tomorrow Only a Day Away

A mother's prayer the night before her son's ordination

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