Company Magazine — Winter 2003-04

Embroidery in Stone

Embroidery in Stone

Chisel and mallet blended Jesuit and indigenous Peruvian architechtural styles and created a unique synthesis.

Minims & Maxims

Early Jesuit Ring

Items of Interest from Jesuit Ministries

A Jesuit's Musical Ministry

Fr. Frank Coco, SJ, and his clarinet make beautiful music with a Dixieland flair.

Frank Coco, SJ

NewComers (Part II)

A continuation of photos and bios of some of those who joined the Jesuits in the United States this year.



Jesuit alumni and alumnae come back to serve their schools

Grappling with a Universe

From biology and astronomy to medicine and physics, Jesuit scientists engage the world.

A spiral nebula
Xavier Society for the Blind

"That those without Sight May See ..."

Braille ... large print ... records ... cassettes ... and now CDs: the Xavier Society for the Blind changes with the times to best serve its clients.

From the Heart

Omaha, Nebraska, and Santiago, Dominican Republic, have been bound by a medical ministry for over 25 years now.

To Remember

Remembering those Jesuits who have served with us.

In Print

Books, cassettes, and CDs with a Jesuit connection

From the Heart

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