Table of Contents

View of the monastery

A Voice in the Wilderness

Italian Jesuit's ancient monastery in Syria fosters a modern Christian-Islamic dialogue.

In Print

Books and a video with a Jesuit connection


Helping a student

In the Long Run

Houston's Strake Jesuit College Prep made this alumnus an offer he couldn't refuse.

Company Magazine
Spring 2004

Looking Forward

Creativity, adaptability, and strong faith all play a role in outlining the Society's future.


Jesuit High School students


To Remember

Remembering those Jesuits who have served with us.


Reading to the congregation

Nutaraq Piicirkaq – New Things to Do

Jesuits help train deacons and bridge cultures in rural Alaska

Gonzaga students in Iraq

Minims & Maxims

Items of interest from Jesuit ministries


Students ready for class

Searching for Books in a Country of Guns

The Jesuit Refugee Service takes on a daunting task: building schools in camps in bloodied Liberia.

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