Ordination 2004

This summer is the time for special gatherings in many cities in the United States, including Baltimore, Seattle, Cincinnati, Hollywood, and Chestnut Hill, Mass., for the ordinations to the priest­hood of the sixteen Jesuits on the next pages.

These gatherings are family affairs in more ways than one. Mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, and cousins join hands with Jesuits—the new priests’ other families—to recognize and celebrate those being ordained.

The ceremonies mark not only the end of years of work, study, and prayer but also the beginning of these Jesuits’ new lives in priestly ministry. Please keep them in your prayers as their lives as Jesuits continue.

Fr John Bentz

Fr. John Bentz, 41, from Drewsey, Oregon, has BAs in theater and English from Gonzaga University. He helped open St. Andrew Nativity School in Portland, Oregon, and was involved in founding five different theaters. He taught acting at University of San Francisco and was assistant to the director of The Lion King in New York. He plans to work with immigrants in theater projects to preserve cultural heritage. (Oregon Province)

Fr Craig Hightower

Fr. Craig Hightower, 34, from Renton, Wash., has a degree in criminal justice from Seattle University and has taught U.S. history and Church history at Bellarmine Prep in Tacoma, Wash., where he also coached soccer. He has spent summers rebuilding houses and churches in Alaska and working at St. Andrew Nativity School in Portland, Ore. This fall he starts teaching at Gonzaga Prep in Spokane. (Oregon Province)

Fr Andrew Bobola Garcia

Fr. Andrew Bobola García, 36, from San Francisco, has a BA in English from UCLA. After joining the Jesuits in Italy, he taught at a high school in Turin, worked in campus ministry in Padua, and served with the Missionaries of Charity in Rome. While at the Jesuit School of Theology in Berkeley he did prison ministry at San Quentin and campus ministry at UC Berkeley. An avid bicyclist, he’s ridden from San Francisco to Los Angeles. (Italy Province)

Fr. Benedict Kang-Yup Jung

Fr. Benedict Kang-Yup Jung, 39, from South Korea, met Jesuits for the first time while at the Jesuit’s Sogang University in South Korea. Baptized a Catholic, he was a chaplain’s assistant in the military. He joined the Society in 1992 and worked in vocation promotion and with mentally handicapped adults. Now studying for a doctorate in economics at Georgetown, he is being ordained with the men of the Maryland Province. (Korea Province)

Fr Eric Knapp

Fr. Eric Knapp, 35, from Richmond, Mich., has BAs in English and education from Grand Valley State in Michigan and an MA in education from Loyola University Chicago. He taught and coached cross-country at Loyola Academy in Wilmette, Ill., where he also led student immersion trips to Peru. He has completed 22 marathons and was chaplain to Loyola University Chicago’s cross-country and track teams. (Chicago Province)

Fr Thomas Lankenau

Fr. Thomas Lankenau, 45, from Denver, has a BS in biology from Colorado State. He taught at Gonzaga Prep in Spokane, did pastoral ministry in Montana, and taught English in Zambia. He is also a freelance writer on environmental spirituality and an avid bird-watcher, having tallied nearly 500 species in the United States. He will teach science and religion at Seattle Prep and wants to be a chaplain at a national park during summers. (Oregon Province)

Fr Lan Ngo

Fr. Lan Ngo, 34, from Dalat, Vietnam, has a BS in biology from UC San Diego and taught geometry and theology at Brophy College Prep in Phoenix. He worked with a Vietnamese Youth Group in the Bronx and directed retreats at a women’s prison in Dublin and at El Retiro Retreat House in Los Gatos, Calif. After ordination he starts graduate work in Asian studies with a special interest in Vietnamese Church history. (California Province)

Fr Bryan Viet-Hung Pham

Fr. Bryan Viet-Hung Pham, 28, from Dalat, Vietnam, majored in philosophy, political science, and religious studies at Gonzaga University. He taught world cultures, science, and U.S. government at Bellarmine Prep in Tacoma, Wash. He was a legal assistant for the Jesuit Refugee Service in Canada and served at a leper colony in India. His next assignment is as associate pastor at St. Ignatius in Portland and liaison for Jesuit Social International Ministry. (Oregon Province)

Fr Tan Robert Pham

Fr. Tan Robert Pham, 36, from Saigon, Vietnam, has degrees in mechan-ical engineering and speech communication from California State at Fresno. He taught theology and worked in campus ministry at Jesuit High in Sacramento. He also worked with a L’Arche community in Seattle, at a hospital, and at a retirement center in California. After ordination, he would like to work in a parish or campus ministry. (California Province)

Fr Dennis Recio

Fr. Dennis Recio, 33, from Manila, Philippines, has degrees in English and psychology from UC Santa Cruz and taught at St. Ignatius College Prep in San Francisco and Verbum Dei High in Los Angeles. In Chicago he served at Genesis House, a rehab facility for prostitutes. He’s also done retreat work and served in convalescent homes and at the Jesuit Urban Center in Boston. He plans on continuing literature studies. (California Province)

Fr Stephen Spahn

Fr. Stephen Spahn, 33, from Denver, has a bachelor’s degree in international relations and an MA in diplomacy from Georgetown. He taught political science at Loyola College and Le Moyne College, was a hospital chaplain and orderly in New York, and worked at a parish in Haiti. He will be vested a priest by one of his brothers, a diocesan priest, and then he joins the staff of Holy Trinity Parish in Washington, D.C. (Maryland Province)

Fr James Taiviet Tran

Fr. James Taiviet Tran, 44, from Dalat, Vietnam, with a bachelor’s in electrical engineering from University of Washington, taught and coached senior design projects in the electrical engineering department at Seattle University. He has directed retreats, was chaplain at a youth detention center in Seattle, and taught RCIA at a parish in Oakland, Calif. He enjoys cooking Vietnamese cuisine and plans on working at a parish. (Oregon Province)

Fr Manh Tran

Fr. Manh Tran, 37, from Saigon, Vietnam, has a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from St. John’s Seminary College in Los Angeles. He has worked with abused women and children and with the mentally handi-capped at a L’Arche community. He also taught at Brophy College Prep in Phoenix and served on staff at St. Sabina Parish in Chicago. He hopes to do family and spiritual ministry in the future. (California Province)

Fr George Williams

Fr. George Williams, 46, from North Haven, Conn., has BAs in political science and public relations from Syracuse University and an MA in social work from Boston College. He worked at a parish and with the homeless in Brazil and as chaplain at Suffolk County House of Corrections in Massachusetts; he will continue working in full-time prison ministry in Boston. His hobbies include cooking, Mormon history, and his pet ferrets. (New England Province)

Fr Michael Woods

Fr. Michael Woods, 39, from Pittsburgh, has a BA in chemistry from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. He taught and worked in campus ministry at Wheeling Jesuit University and worked with landmine victims in Sara-jevo and with a refugee resettlement program in Syracuse. In the fall he will be at St. Alphonsus Rodriguez Parish in Woodstock, Md., and will continue studies in liturgy at Catholic University. (Maryland Province)

Fr John Wronski

Fr. John Wronski, 38, from Chelsea, Mass., has a BA in English from the College of the Holy Cross. He taught and coached cross-country and track at Nativity Prep in Boston. He has directed retreats in Berkeley and Los Altos, Calif., and was a chaplain at a juvenile detention center in Chicago. He likes running, movies, art museums, and Cape Cod beaches. He plans to work in pastoral ministry after ordination. (New England Province)

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