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Company Magazine
Winter 2004-5

Shanghai Journal

A Jesuit artist lends a hand
to a major project in China:
giving an old Jesuit church
new stained glass

Peacock window


A strong Jesuit presence at a protest honors the memory of slain Jesuits

Students marching at Ft Benning

Places of Worship

Jesuit parishes in the United States: up-to-date ministries with centuries-old roots.

One of the Jesuit parish -- this one in Detroit
Text from old Jesuit astronomical text

Right Off the Shelf

Old Jesuit astronomical texts
are at home in Chicago's
Adler Planetarium library.

A rare book from Marquette University

minims & maxims

Items of interest from Jesuit ministries

Fr Paolo Molinari, SJ

A Beautiful Mission

Fr. Paolo Molinari, SJ, works on the causes of saints for the Society of Jesus. Just don't call him saint maker

4 of the New Novices

Newcomers 2004 (Part II)

Meet more of this year's new Jesuits — the rest in appeared in the Fall issue

To Remember

Remembering those Jesuits who have served with and for us

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