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Company Magazine
Summer 2005

The Appointed Place
at the Appointed Time

Come behind the scenes
with a veteran emcee
of Jesuit ordinations

Bishop ordaining new priest

Ordination 2005

New Jesuit Priests

Building a
Spiral Staircase
to Heaven

Fr. José Morenio, SJ, keeps busy doing parish work, writing math textbooks, and educating youth

Karen working in Guatemala City

The Language
of the Heart

Central American Ministries has been making a difference in Guatemala for ten years now

Educating the World

You'll find Jesuit schools — from kindergartens to theologates — in Australia, Ecuador, Nigeria, Lithuania, and many other countries

Chinese students in Kowloon, China

Graduation 2005

Some of the speakers at Jesuit colleges and universities this past spring

Women's Basketball at Regis University

minims & maxims

Items of interest from Jesuit ministries

A Question of Humanity

Kevin Fitzgerald, author

A Jesuit geneticist talks about what makes us human in a world of cloning, genetic engineering, and other scienctific advances

In Print

Books and other media with a Jesuit connection

To Remember

Remembering those Jesuits who have served with and for us

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