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Company Magazine
Fall 2005

First Contact

How do men find
out about the
Society of Jesus?

Thaddeus Lancton Tim McCabe


Some of this
year's novices

Experiencing Magis

The Ignatian presence
at World Youth Day

People at World Youth day

Wherever Needed

Jesuits were in
Katrina's path

Salvete Discipuli!

The study of Latin is going strong at this high school

Know Thyself

Classics in college: many challenges, many rewards.

A Classicist in Rome

Fr. Felix Sanchez Vallejo, SJ, talked the talk (in Latin!)

A Masterful Plan

The Ratio Studiorum, the Society's educational blueprint, gets a translation

Hiroshima, rubble after the bomb

August 6, 1945

A Jesuit's memory of the fateful day in Hiroshima

As I see It

For Fr. Patrick Howell, SJ,
spiritual direction is
a matter of trust

Photo Contest

Company's asking
for your best

Photo Contest Page
Caravaggio's painting of Bacchus

minims & maxims

Items of interest from Jesuit ministries

Special Offer


"Falling in Love" available again

In Print

Books and other media with a Jesuit connection

To Remember

Remembering those Jesuits who have served with and for us

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