Table of Contents

Company Magazine
Summer 2006

3 of those ordained


New Jesuit priests

minims & maxims

Items of interest
from Jesuit ministries

Olympic skaters

In Print

Books and other media
with a Jesuit

To Remember

Remembering those Jesuits
who have served
with and for us

In Search
of a Solution

The Jesuit Refugee
Service labors on
the border between
Burma and Thailand

Helping refugees in Burma  


Is God A Scientist?

The Vatican Observatory's
director writes about evolution
and intelligent design

Jubliee 2006

Update on the
year's events

The Ignatian View

Photo contest
winners and

One of the photos from the contest

Fr. Andy Dufner, SJ

The Rings of the
Sitka Spruce

One quiet Jesuit
had an effect on
the lives of others
that will last
for ages


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