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Company Magazine
Fall 2006

Ste. Anne's Church, Mackinac

A Place to Call Home

Ste. Anne's on Mackinac Island, Michigan,
tends to workers in the toursit "vineyard"

minims & maxims

Items of interest
from Jesuit ministries

The Pope, Father General, and Fr Lombardi

In Print

Books and other media
with a Jesuit

To Remember

Remembering those Jesuits
who have served
with and for us

Wounded Warriors

The National Theatre Workshop
of the Handicapped helps
veterans tell their stories

3 of the newcomers


Part One. Introducing those
who joined the Society of Jesus
in the United States this year

A Family of Families

A Jesuit's ministry to
shoeshine boys in Ecuador
now includes whole families

Education for the poor

Pope Gregory XV

Pope Gregory XV

The first

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