Table of Contents

Company Magazine
Winter 2006-07

Gemstone of Paradise

This scholar of German has
a new but very old take on
the Holy Grail

minims & maxims

Items of interest
from Jesuit ministries

In Print

Books and other media
with a Jesuit

To Remember

Remembering those Jesuits
who have served
with and for us

Vocation Promotion

The Society's vocation
directors are a busy lot


Introducing some more of the men
who joined the Society of Jesus
in the United States this year


These men and women
for others take the
"others" part to heart

Jesuits in Jamaica

Since 1837, this island
has been a vineyard of
Jesuit labors

As I See It

An Australian professor puts the
Jesuits' historical emphasis on
Classics in perspective

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